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Free Blog Templates

Blog templates determine the look and feel of your blog. The templates can be customized or you can use pre-made templates so that you can adjust the look and feel of your blog. Without templates blogs would all look the same.

Blog Templates
Give blogs a new look supports blogs from Blogger, Blogsky, Persian Blog, and Movable Type.

Blogger Templates
Find original skins to personalize your own weblog.

A growing collection of original page templates and graphics. They are suitable for many different puposes although they are particularly suited and designed to be used for weblog-style pages.

Web templates for your personal blog or online journal.

Customizable blog templates

The Design Booth
Collection of blog templates.

Change the look of your blog

Point of Focus
Blogger templates; templates are linkware and do require a linkback to

Pick from our blog templates, customize a theme, and start blogging with the most flexible and FREE blog hosting tool around