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RSS Software

RSS Creation Software
RSS Feed creation software for webmasters or content providers that create rss feeds that comply with rss specifications.

easy to use desktop application that allows users to create and edit rss feeds. Enhance your blogs rss feed using FeedForAll!

View RSS Feeds
Quickly view RSS feeds of your favorite blogs

Surfpack RSS Reader
One neat RSS module feature is that you can minimize it after reading, and it will expand automatically when new headlines arrive. In addition, reading the output of a RSS module on your Startpage has the “feel” of a real newspaper. It has a special two-column layout designed to fit your screen and make news easier to read.

Feed Scout enables you to view RSS/ATOM/RDF feeds from different sites directly in Internet Explorer. You can even set your Home Page to show favorite feeds. Feed Scout is a plug-in for Internet Explorer, so you won't have to learn anything except for how to press 2 new buttons on Internet Explorer toolbar;

FeedDemon enables you to quickly read and gather information from hundreds of web sites - without having to visit them. Don't waste any more time checking your favorite web sites for updates. Instead, use FeedDemon and make them come to you.

retrieves the latest information from your favorite web sites and delivers it directly to your browser; the way email is delivered to your inbox. From within Internet Explorer you can quickly scan, sort and scroll through headline and article summaries in one pane, viewing the corresponding web page in the other pane.